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Exploring Spain and feeling homesick

Although we could have happily stayed in Valencia the entire time, I wanted to show Mom other parts of Spain during her two-week visit so we grabbed some friends, rented a car and headed south. We chose the longer, more scenic coastal route, stopping in Alicante to visit a friend.   Arthur and I used […]

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Stopping to smell the jasmine

I arrived in Valencia with much excitement! Not only is Spain one of my favourite countries, but it’s also when my mom is coming to visit! I’ve been traveling for nearly six months and mom will be my first visitor.   A thousand years ago, a formidable set of walls protected Valencia from invading armies, […]

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Road trip to Budapest

We’ve been living in Belgrade, Serbia for month five and it hasn’t really impressed me.  Yes, the people are friendly and the cost of living is extremely low but it doesn’t have the wow factor of other Eastern European cities. I’ve enjoyed the countryside but found myself feeling restless and decided to join friends for […]

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New perspective in Turkey

We decided to take a side trip to Istanbul. For some, it was a chance to visit a country that might not always be open to tourists. For me, I was curious about a culture where women are viewed so differently from men.   Arriving in Istanbul, we immediately felt the difference. Uniformed officers with […]

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Country roots in Serbia

I grew up on a farm in Northern B.C. and although I’ve lived in cities as an adult, there’s always been a part of me that longs for wide-open spaces, rolling wheat fields, and expansive night skies filled with stars. My Remote Year journey so far has taken us to large cities throughout Europe and […]

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Bulgaria – Part 2

Whoever planned our itinerary knew what they were doing – Sofia was definitely the place to recharge for month four of our journey. We actually spent five weeks in Bulgaria – as we travel on the last Saturday of each month – and I appreciated the extra week to simply “be”. Be still and relax […]

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100 days of Remote Year

100 days is a milestone. We see it in politics (the first 100 days in office) and in personal projects (choose one thing – gratitude, yoga, walking – and do it for 100 days).   I recently celebrated 100 days of leaving behind my job, family and friends to travel the world, spending one month […]

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Fear vs. intuition

  How do you know when your fear is irrational and something you should “get over” or if it’s your intuition telling you “don’t do it”?   Over the years and through traveling alone, I’ve developed a strong sense of intuition and rarely do I question the gut feeling that tells me not to walk […]

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