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Exploring new ways to live

Spending one month in twelve cities is a great way to try on different lifestyles. You get a better sense if you’re a city person or a small town person, if you like to be on the water or surrounded by nature, if you value space or amenities.   Wrapping up my time in Argentina, […]

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Argentinian adventures continue

We arrived in Córdoba after a nine-hour bus ride through the Argentinian countryside. The highway from Buenos Aries reminded me of driving in Saskatchewan – long, straight, flat, see-for-miles.   I instantly liked the city. Even though it’s a big city (second largest in Argentina), it has a small city feel. It’s easy to walk […]

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Exploring Spain and feeling homesick

Although we could have happily stayed in Valencia the entire time, I wanted to show Mom other parts of Spain during her two-week visit so we grabbed some friends, rented a car and headed south. We chose the longer, more scenic coastal route, stopping in Alicante to visit a friend.   Arthur and I used […]

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Stopping to smell the jasmine

I arrived in Valencia with much excitement! Not only is Spain one of my favourite countries, but it’s also when my mom is coming to visit! I’ve been traveling for nearly six months and mom will be my first visitor.   A thousand years ago, a formidable set of walls protected Valencia from invading armies, […]

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Road trip to Budapest

We’ve been living in Belgrade, Serbia for month five and it hasn’t really impressed me.  Yes, the people are friendly and the cost of living is extremely low but it doesn’t have the wow factor of other Eastern European cities. I’ve enjoyed the countryside but found myself feeling restless and decided to join friends for […]

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